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Secure the Gag

Jan 25, 2021

She’s here!!! Secure The Gag welcomes to the pod the straightest lesbian comedian, Grace Kuhlenschmidt (Paper, Variety, WSJ Magazine)! 

Nathan and Grace discuss Grace’s come up through Chicago, her work as the Creative Director at Converse, and celebrate the Buttigieg. They also - in a never before done stunt - countdown Grace’s top five most viral TikTok videos. Can’t say it enough - Grace is THE MOMENT, and to have her on the pod was a blessing from Christ himself. 

Grace’s Work That’s Discussed: 


My First Cooking Tutorial

POV I’m Bully

Me With My Straight Son vs. Me With My Gay Son

POV You’re The Lesbian In My Math Class

Comment Below If Uve Ever Felt Misunderstood

Woman Confuses Jon Ossof for Pete Buttigieg

My Official EarnIt Commercial

*Grace’s Fave Rug Maker