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Secure the Gag

Mar 29, 2021

Everything is awful and we want to whine about it, BUT to be honest it’s a great week because this week’s Secure The Gag guest is Matt Bellassai (Unhappy Hour podcast, To Be Honest, Buzzfeed’s Whine About It, Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations)!!!!!


Matt and Nathan kiki about the Unhappy Hour

Mar 22, 2021

Lorelei and Nathan chat it up about Lorelei’s work on season two of Los Espookys, their iconic stand up set at MoMA PS1, and dive into their macabre performance art comedy that’s fueled by their unique POV on the world! We also get into Lorelei’s Adult Swim short, Pervert Everything, that they consider their...

Mar 15, 2021

This week, Secure The Gag welcomes to the pod comedian, writer, actor, Tien Tran (Work In Progress, Comedy Central, Space Force, Easy, Just For Laughs)!!!

Tien and Nathan discuss Tien’s collaboration with Julia Shiplett on their live reading of Bling Empire, her Comedy Central + Just For Laughs stand-up set, and her...

Mar 8, 2021

This week, Secure The Gag has the distinct pleasure of welcoming YouTube stars, comedians, and queer educators, Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown of AsapSCIENCE (NASA, BBC, National Geographic, AsapSCIENCE: Answers to the World's Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumors, and Unexplained Phenomena)!!!!

In the first ever...

Mar 1, 2021

This week, Secure The Gag welcomes comedian, writer, and actor, Joe Castle Baker (The Special Without Brett Davis, Comedy Central, Paper)!!!

Nathan and Joe “Equality” Baker discuss the late, great Kimberly J. Brown (jk she’s alive!), Joe’s hysterical characters including Gordon, his infamous TikTok videos, and...